D.N.R.College  has been providing Hostel facilities and Scholarship facilities to the eligible students who have taken admission in D.N.R.College. The college has separate hostels for Boys and Girls i.e., D.N.R.College Boys Attached Hostel and D.N.R.College Girls Attached Hostel with an intake capacity of 1000 and 650 student inmates respectively.  The college has facilitating in sanctioning Government

Scholarships to the eligible students under different schemes viz., Student fee reimbursement, Mess Fee (CAH) etc., These amounts are usually sanctioned by the following respective department.

  1. Scheduled Caste Corporation, Government of India
  2. Scheduled Tribe Corporation, Government of India
  3. State Social Welfare Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh (B.C., E.B.C. and Kapu Welfare)
  4. Minority Welfare Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Following are the details of scholarships / Fee reimbursement which are sanctioned by the above departments from 2013-14 to  2017-18


U.G Courses P.G Courses


2013-14 42.77 106.31 106.31
2014-15 84.67 114.07 198.74
2015-16 71.08 86.04 157.92
2016-17 73.11 96.41 169.52
2017-18 113.94 85.52 199.46
Total 385.57 446.38 831.95

The college has been disbursing the scholarship, fee reimbursement amounts to  the students transparently and judiciously to whom the said amounts are sanctioned duly following the guidelines received from the respective departments from time to time.

The college has also facilitating the process of forwarding applications for  National Merit Scholarship and Prathibha Awards to the eligible meritorious students.

List of Students benefited by Government Scholarship.