Girls Hostel

Smt K.Mary Prasanthi, M.Sc, Lecturer in Zoology

The college also provides hostel accommodation both for boys and girls of post graduate courses according to the rules prescribed by the authorities concerned.

Those seeking admission into the attached hostel shall pay an advance of Rs. 300/- (Rupees Three Hundred Only) towards establishment charges at the time of hostel admission. The student are required to pay the monthly mess bills regularly and the scholarship amount payable to them will be reimbursed only on the release of funds by the government.

Hostel students are not permitted to celebrate any religions and social functions in the hostel campus other than “Hostel Day” and Ambedkar Jayanthi. The hostel stuĀ­dents shall ensure strict, discipline by following the code of conduct and establish harmonious relations with friendly behavior bringing glory to the institution.