The excellence in academic service being rendered by D.N.R.College, spread like light and was recognized by the society at large. The impeccable manner of academic process inn D.N.R.College compelled University Grants Commission, New Delhi and Andhra University, Waltair to confer Autonomy status on it in the year 1987. From then onwards, the college is functioning on its own academic calendar. The college is also conducting the examinations and publishing the results within a short time which is giving ample time and scope for the outgoing students to pursue higher education or career development. Braving all odds, D.N.R.College(Autonomous), stood the test of time and became the best Autonomous college in Andhra University area.

In our college, the Board of Studies in each subject which was constituted as per the UGC guidelines meets once annually and frame the syllabus in the subject after thorough discussion. The mode of exam and the model papers in the subject are also finalized in the meeting. The proceedings of the Board of Studies meetings of all the subjects are then placed before the Academic Council of the college. The syllabus and mode of examination will be adopted in our college after the approval from the Academic Council. Important academic matters such as conducting seminars/workshops, promotions of research etc., are also chalked out by the Academic Council.

The recommendations of the Academic Council are then placed before the D.N.R.College Autonomous Governing Body for approval and further action such as constitution of new building, development of laboratories other student related facilities and the utilization of grants received from U.G.C etc., The overall development of our autonomous college is thus planned and executed in academic/research and infrastructure matters.

From 1987 to 2000, we conducted the examinations under year end pattern. From 2000 on-wards we adopted Semester System. Internal Assessment to the extent of 20% was introduced in all theory papers from the year 2004 in 2006, the internal assessment component was increased to 25% of marks and it was extended even to the practical papers, credit based grading system was introduced in the year 2007. The syllabus in all papers was changed during the year 2004-2007, starting with first year degree papers in 2004-2005 academic year. Later the syllabus in all papers was changed during the year 2008-2010.

As a leader among autonomous colleges we are adopting ourselves to the ever changing and demanding needs of the society with the student at the center.