Fine Arts


Fine arts association of DNR college established very soon after the establishment of DNR college (WGB College) in the year 1945 with the objective of promoting inherent cultural talents of students of DNR college and to play the role of nodal committee in the college campus to organize, coordinating cultural events and promoting various talent of the students by giving proper training in performing arts and fine arts, in musical instruments along with literary events. 

As a part of extracurricular activities of the college and with the motto of all round development of a student, Fine arts association of DNR College steering heard. 

The committee has major responsibilities as listed below:

1. Identifying interests and inborn talents of students by conducting selection in various events within the campus

2. Forming various teams with the selected students

3. Providing proper guidance and training to the students

4. Encouraging students to participate in various competitions held at various levels

5. Organizing various cultural programmes within the college campus

6. Providing musical and other support during different academic days viz. Independence Day, Republic Day, College Annual Day, etc.

7. Conducting various camps in rural areas to enlighten people by thought provokign cultural programmes like Skits, Mimes, Songs, etc.    

8. By collaborating with Government and Non Government Organizations (NGOs) participating extensively in community service

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