PG Library

Centralised P.G. Library is developed in a separate building with an ex­cellent collection of text books and reference volumes in all the disciplines offered at P.G. Level. Book bank is developed for the benefit of SC/ST students. Reading room is provided with periodicals, news papers and magazines. Back numbers of all the leading journals subscribed by the Library are maintained for the benefit of staff and students. Free internet facility is provided to the students and staff and the library is fully computerized.

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Librarian: Smt. K.V.S. Vijaya Lakshmi, M.A., M.Li.Sc.,
No. of Text Books : 30,932
No. of Journals subscribed : 90


  1. The college P.G. Library will be kept open for students 8.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. on all working days and from 9.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. on holidays.
  2. All students of the P.G. Courses are eligible to borrow books on loan from the library on production of Identity cards only.
  3. The students are entitled to borrow the prescribed number of text books from the Library and if they fail to return the books on or before the speci­fied date, they are liable to pay a fine Rs.1/- per book per day. In case any loss of books, the students shall either replace the book by a new edition of the same, or if it is out of print the student shall pay any such amount as may be fixed by the Library authorities. The students shall return all the books borrowed from the Library well before the conduct of University ex­aminations and obtain No dues certificate to receive the Hall-tickets.

  4. Strict silence shall be observed in and around the library.
  5. A student should be in possession of his / her Identity card before entering the library.
  6. Personal books or books from other libraries are not allowed in the library.
  7. When a book is borrowed from the library it should be examined carefully and the attention of the Ass. Librarian is to be called for any defects therein.

  8. Every user taking a book out of the library shall be responsible for its safe custody until its return and in the event of any loss or damage done there to he/she either replace the book at his/her own cost or pay such compen­sation as may be fixed by the Library authorities.

  9. If the day on which the return of book fails due happens to be a holiday, the books are to be returned on the next working day.

  10. Group study is not allowed within the library.
  11. Students who misuse the facility are liable to be punished by expulsion from the college.