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D.N.R.College is one of the most prestigious colleges in Andhra Pradesh and one of the foremost colleges in West Godvari District. It was initiated by Late. Sri Dantuluri Narayana Raju garu in 1945 on 4th July. Ever since the college has been growing in all areas of academic excellence and in 2005 it was Accredited at the ‘A’ level by NAAC. As per the guidelines of the I.C.T. and the peer-committee, the college has established a language lab fully equipped with all the facilities with 60 systems, one LCD projector for teaching phonetic symbols, sentences with stress and intonation, the tone of voice and the nucleus for the effectiveness of Spoken English. The back-up facility by Two 6KV UPS units for uninterrupted learning in times of power failure. For the safeguard of the computers and the sophisticated equipment 5 air conditioners each with 2tonne capacity are also provided.

Internet facility is also provided for the overall development of the students in general, and specific development in soft skills and communications in particular. There are several specific CDs for communication development. The guidelines of the C.A.T. of the college and the university, the laboratory is accessible to the students during all working hours of the college for the development of their communication skills.

Imparting of the knowledge of communication skills has been meticulously designed by the department of English, allotting specific hours to all the lecturers. The students are divided into batches monitored by the lecturer concerned ; specifically explained and aided by the Computer programmer regarding the intricacies of using the system effectively and learning the language to fit into R.P.; continually taught by the teacher regarding pronunciation, intonation, stress etc., for the overall success of the students in their future endeavours.

Practical examinations are conducted with one External examiner and a lecturer of the college. The examination is conducted online. One practical internal and one viva voce are also conducted for internal testing and guidance. Records are to be submitted by the students as per the practical classes conducted by the department. The lab manuals will be corrected after every practical class by the teacher concerned and the said material, after the completion of all the lessons, must be written in a record with diagrams relating to the pronunciation of fully open glottis, closed glottis, Organs of Speech, production of Oral and Nasal sounds, and nasalised sounds etc in the first year degree and in the II year: Diagrams showing signpost words and Pie-diagrams etc and also of the English words, must be submitted before the practical examinations for corrections and evaluation.

The internet facility is extended to all the students of the college to update their knowledge in various branches and to download important material to improve their knowledge in a multifaceted way to face interviews, to prepare effective resumes and for their personality development, general knowledge and current affairs.