Boys Hostel

 Sri S.Anil Dev, M.Sc, Lecturer in Chemistry

The college has its own hostels in the permanent building, for the convenience of out-station and other students who want to concentrate on their studies. There are attached hostels separately for boys and girls. Men’s hostel can accommodate about 1000 boys and girls hostel can accommodate about 1,200 girls. Staying in the hostel is optional. The mess provides wholesome nutritious food prepared in hygienic condition.

All the hostelers/parents are expected to be aware of the hostel rules and regulations and ignorance of the same will not be an excuse for any dispute.

The Chief Warden, Wardens in the Deputy Warden will assist the principal who is the overall in-charge of the Hostels.

This admission to hostels will be as per rules in force. The Principal has every right to cancel the hostel admission or send the boy/girl out of the hostel, if they are not satisfied with the conduct and behavior of the student.

The General management of the hostel shall be vested on committee consisting of six members nominated by the Governing Body, the Principal, the Warden and Two Student representatives one from Boys Hostel another from Girls Hostel.