Undergraduate Admissions

Admission Procedure – Download PDF

Undergraduate Admissions Brochure (2021-2022) – Download PDF


  1. Admission into the college is governed by the regulations in respect of sanction of courses, reservation scheme and intake capacity laid down by the Director of collegiate Education – Hyderabad and Andhra University – Visakhapatnam.

  2. Complete information relevant to admission is available in the prospectus published every year by the college.

  3. The student who wishes to leave the college has to submit an application for Transfer Certificate. The applicant must obtain “No Dues clearance” from fee collection section and library. Similar clearance from laboratories is mandatory for science students.

  4. If the Student leaves the admission in the middle of the course, he has to pay the total fee prescribed for the entire course.

  5. College fee Once Paid is not-refundable.