Commerce Computer Lab

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It is a known fact that, now a days computers have been playing an important role in all most all fields at the global level. It may not be an exaggeration to say that the day-to-day activities in all sectors and all walks of human beings are being carried out using computers. Due to the importance of computers some computer related papers viz., Fundamentals of Information and Tehnology, Computer Skills, Introduction to Computers, “C” Language, Business Data Process in System, E-Commerce, Tally Accounting executive course etc. have been introduced in B.Com curriculum.

In D.N.R.College the admissions are being accepted into B.Com (General), and B.Com Computer Applications courses (Vocational) every year. For effective theoretical and practical instruction relating to computer oriented papers the college established a well infra-structured computers laboratory exclusively for B.Com students with the assistance of University Grants Commission.

The total area of this computers laboratory is 750 sq ft. More no. of computers have been kept available in the laboratory for students. In this laboratory 60 students can be accommodated at a time and each of them can access computer of his own. No sharing of single computer among two or more. Internet facility is being provided to all 60 systems for which LAN is provided. This B.Com Computers Laboratory has been kept open from morning 9 am to 6 pm. during all working days. High capacity Power Bank(UPS) was also installed in the best interests of the students’ community not to make any dislocation during their working time on computers.

All computers in this laboratory are of latest upgraded configuration. This laboratory is air conditioned with 4 AC split units of high capacity which helps the longevity of computers, its’ accessories and to create healthy environment among the students. A Smart TV is also provided in this laboratory so as to motivate the students in favour of the Information and Communication Technology. Students can make use of this Smart TV through internet facility. In the process of add on value information, the department of commerce has been creating awareness among the students about the social sites like Face book, Twitter etc.

The B.Com computers laboratory has been well decorated in all means so as to create a pleasant environment to the users of the laboratory. It may not be exaggerate to say that this is the biggest and well equipped computers laboratory exclusively for B.Com students in the Andhra University area. The NAAC Peer Team which visited the B.Com Computers Laboratory in 2005 appreciated the infrastructural facilities provided and the academic atmosphere prevailed in the laboratory and the same was also mentioned in their Report. One programmer has been working in this laboratory and she helps the students by guiding them properly whenever they came to the laboratory. Finally It may be proud to say that this is place of healthy environment to the users of the computers.